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Cassandra Boulevard Sarnia Ontario, Canada

Cassandra Boulevard

190-202, 248-340, 191-227, 239-283, 311-347 Cassandra Boulevard



Average MLS Selling Price 2016$286,500

Average MLS Selling Price 2013/2014$256,500

Average MLS Selling Price 2011/2012$234,600

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* note average prices exclude semi-style units built into cornering lots on this street



It's rare to find a new construction site where the builder has managed to save many of the tall trees. Enjoy one floor living in a park-like setting. These are freehold units - you own the land and there are no condo fees or maintenance fees. These are not really condos however you do share attached walls with your neighbours. Buyers can opt to join a local co-operative for all their exterior maintenance needs only if they wish

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