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877 - 889 Carleton Place Sarnia Ontario, Canada

877-889 Carleton Place

877-889 Carleton Place



Average MLS Selling Price 2016$77,500

Average MLS Selling Price 2015No MLS Sales

Average MLS Selling Price 2012$68,300

Average MLS Selling Price 2009$67,000

Average MLS Selling Price 2005$63,600

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A central south Sarnia location. The river is ten or fifteen blocks to the west and shopping can be found ten or so blocks to the north and to the north east. Walking distance to Errol Russell Park and Tecumseh park/pool. A quiet, mature residential neighbourhood.

These units are similar in style to the condos found across the street at 839 - 871 Ross Street except these units have baseboard electric heat.

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