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200-252, 201-253 Bently Court Sarnia Ontario, Canada

200-252, 201-253 Bentley Court

200-252, 201-253 Bentley Court



Average MLS Selling Price 2016$272,500

Average MLS Selling Price 2015$254,200

Average MLS Selling Price 2014$247,000

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* An additional eight semi-styled units of a similar appearance are located at the end of the court



Attractive one floor attached units enjoying covered front porches and cement driveways. Danbury Development built. A convenient Finch/Confederation Line location! These units enjoy nice setbacks from the road on the continuity of design is especially pleasing. The rear Confederation Line privacy fencing adds a sense of definition to this project. Congratulations are in order for a job well done!

This project illustrates to us that Sarnia has a healthy appetite for brand new one floor units.

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