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1) 301 Carlow Road 2) 374 Front Street 3) 375 Edith Cavell Boulevard 4) 374 Edith Cavell Boulevard 5) 355 Edith Cavell Boulevard

People who live in Port Stanley, or who vacation there regularly, care little about what the beaches of Lake Huron are like. "The Port", population 2,500 people, is a fishing village on the northern shore of Lake Erie. People from the town of St. Thomas, 13 kilometres to the north and people from the city of London, 34 kilometres also to the north, have being frequenting "The Port" for years.

What makes "The Port" so unique? There are two things, the wonderful beaches and the character of the village. There are fishing boats which go out daily into the lake and there are literally hundreds of cottages built mostly in the "20's, 30's, 40's and 50's which line the beaches and hug every inch of available nearby hillsides. Living near water is where so many people now want to be.

"The Port" seems resistant to change. Will it ever get a ferry service to across the lake? People frequent "The Port" for its fine dining experiences, it's shopping, pubs, sailing and golfing. It's slowly transforming itself in a delightful way into something of a mini Bayfield. Things may be changing. A new town pier was built in 2016 and 2017. The new subdivisions of "Little Creek" and "Sunset Bluffs" are helping to bring new people into the village. One Ontario government study forecasts that there will be 2,052,000 seniors and mature adults in southern Ontario market by 2025 of which approximately 1,400,000 will opt to reside outside of the G.T.A. area. Seniors like living near water in a big way. Our cities are becoming way too hot in the summertime for many peoples' liking.

What is condo living in The Port now all about? Well, it's relatively expensive. There are only four completed condo projects in Port Stanley with a fifth one now under construction at 355 Edith Cavell Boulevard. In 2017 there is talk of a new small condo complex of only a handful or so of condos to go in next to where the fishing boats tie up on the east side of the river. To learn more about this, Google 204 Main Street, Port Stanley!

If you are in the market to purchase or rent a condo in Port Stanley, or to sell one, we can help. Cheers and help us out by telling all your friends about this Port Stanley condo website!

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