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About Us

Ty Lacroix

‘Not All REALTORS Are the Same” is a motto I have used and practiced from my first day in real estate helping people with their real estate buying or selling. I have always felt that I sell peace of mind; not a house, a condo or a piece of land! We are called sales persons or sales representatives by our provincial licensing body which I think is a misnomer.

I cannot and will not try to sell you a home that you do not want or that will not meet your needs, or sell a home that I know has defects or in an area not appropriate to your life style.

Over the years I have developed follow up systems and analysis of properties so that I can show my clients the facts, the history and the pros and cons of a property so that together we can make a wise decision.

It is your hard earned money; it is your family home where memories happen, joy, laughter and sometimes sorrow, the reality of life! This is why it is called real estate! I put the real or take out the un- real in real estate buying or selling.

As a Broker of Record, I have the skills and experience to ensure your real estate transaction is as problematic free as possible.

Over the years I have assembled an experienced and savvy group of associates such as lawyers, appraisers, home inspectors, trades people, accountants and more. If you want peace of mind, a no nonsense approach to real estate and one dedicated to detail, perhaps we should talk.

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