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201 Front Street North Sarnia Ontario, Canada

201 Front Street North

201 Front Street North



Average MLS Selling Price 2016$275,000-750,000

Average MLS Selling Price 2015$335,000-750,000

Average MLS Selling Price 2014$400,000-680,000

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Bold in its appearance and beautiful in its design this building was once the former headquarters of the Polysar Corporation. Note the enclosed balconies encased in the concrete exterior grid. Talk about having a wow factor. Unit prices can vary widely and some even top out over $500,000. If you are contemplating purchasing in the upper price range of the Sarnia condo market then this building is a "must see".

Note: unit sizes vary widely. Recent posted sales have included the following numbers for square footages: 1,151; 1,344; 1,557; 1,658; 1,924; 2,152 and 2,253. The Condo Fees here are currently the highest in the City.

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