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21) 570 William Street 1) 323-363 Colborne Street 2) 323-363 380 King Street 3) 389 Dundas Street 4) 272 Dundas Street 5) 280 Queens Ave., 460 Wellington St./275, 285 Queens Ave., 440 Wellington St. 6) 7 Picton Street 7) 435 Colborne Street 8) 250 Pall Mall Street 9) 609 Colborne Street 10) 810 Maitland Street 11) 250 Sydenham Street 12) 695 Richmond Street 13) 155 Kent Street 14) 152 Albert Street 15) 600 Talbot Street 16) 500 Talbot Street 17) 549 Ridout Street North 18) 19 King Street 20) 624 William Street 21) 440 Central Avenue 22) 261-281 Epworth Ave 23) 39 Regina Street 24) 544 Talbot Street 25) 330 Ridout Sreet North 26) 573 Central Avenue 27) 25 Becher Street 28) 505 Talbot Street

Downtown London Condos

downtown london

Follow the dotted lines home. Home that is to the "Wellington Park" condo building at the end of the street in the above picture! Are you the person driving that little blue car and have you been out shopping for salmon at "Costco" or out enjoying a cat show at the "Western Fairgrounds"?

In London, Ontario most downtown condo owners still prefer to have a car to get around town.

Will you be taking in a performance tonight at the "Grand Theatre" and wasn't Elton fantastic the last time that he played here? If you are not sure what is happening downtown this week might we suggest that you click onto our "events tab" at the top of this page. Here you will find a link to "Tourist London Canada" and it shows all of London's upcoming theatre, music and arts events.

Life is good in downtown London and more and more condo buildings will be coming to the marketplace. Here is a partial list of what to expect.

The builder "Tricar" is now busy building a 29 storey, 200 unit condo building at 505 Talbot Street (#28 on our downtown map) and has site preparation now happening at 40 York Street a block from the Forks of The Thames for a 24 storey 245 unit rental building. It also has zoning approvals for a new 22 storey condo tower with 191 units slightly removed from the downtown core in beautiful "Old South" at 96 Ridout Street South, not yet under construction.

"Rygar Properties" is now busy working on site preparation at Talbot and Fullarton for a huge new project of 700 apartments. "Southside" is trying to get approvals for a 25 storey, 200 unit project at 183 King Street near Richmond. "Auburn" is hoping for a 25 storey, 188 unit project at Wellington and Wolfe north of the city hall. Something might be happening for the site at 50 King Street (30 storeys, 200 units?) and "Old Oaks" wants to perhaps build a 175 unit project at 515 Richmond Street.

So much talk of new things to happen makes for exciting times! In the meantime, check out all of London's current downtown condo offerings! Once again, life is good and safe in downtown London!

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